Simo Liu, an animated film artist, illustrator and designer. Originally came from China, Simo studied animation and digital arts from University of Southern California as well as motion graphics from California Institute of the Arts. Simo's works combine various styles, techniques and aesthetics with sounds and music to show art pieces interesting and meaningful.


2019 Showcase Award for Artistic Achievement Los Angeles Dace Film Festival, USA

2018 Best Motion Graphics Los Angeles Animation Festival, USA

2018 BEST ANIMATION Los Angeles Film Award, USA

2018 BEST EXPERIMENTAL Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award, USA

2018 BEST ANIMATION Nevada International Film Festival, USA

2018 BEST ANIMATION New York Film Award, USA

2018 AWARD WINNER of BEST ANIMATION Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, India

2018 BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM European Cinematography Award, Netherlands

2018 BEST ONE MINUTES FILM European Cinematography Award,Netherlands


2018 BEST MICROFILM Festigious, USA

2018 BEST EXPERIMENTAL Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Television Awards, USA

2018 BEST MICROSHORT Paris Independent Film Festival, France

2018 Best Animation Expression Art Movie Festival, USA

2018 Best Animation Idea Independent Talents International Film Festival

2018 BEST ANIMATION SHORT FILM The South Film and Arts Academy Festival, Chile

2019 Merit 3x3 International Illustration Annual No.16, USA

2019 Chosen Winner American Illustration 38 (AI-AP), USA

2019 Selected Winner Int'l Motion Art Awards 7(AI-AP), USA

2019 Winner of Young Blood Motion Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards,Canada

2019 RUNNER-UP Illustration: Professional Creative Quarterly 55, USA

2019 Gold in Illustration Category CMYK Top 100 New Creatives 58, USA

2019 Bronze Award 2018 Communication Exhibition for Asia-Pacific Visual Arts, HK

2019 Merit Award 2018 Communication Exhibition for Asia-Pacific Visual Arts, HK

2019 Nomination Award 2018 Communication Exhibition for Asia-Pacific Visual Arts, HK

2018 Centauri Winner at Website Category Portfolio Vega Awards, USA

2018 Centauri Winner at Video Category Innovative / Experimental Vega Awards, USA

2018 Arcturus Winner at Digital Marketing Category Vega Awards, USA

2018 Arcturus Winner at Video Category, Motion Graphics Vega Awards, USA

2018 RUNNER-UP Creative Quarterly 54, USA

2019 Nominee 2nd Annual Golden Fox Awards,India

2018 HONORABLE MENTION (Animation) Oniros Film Festival,Italy


2018 HONORABLE MENTION (Animation) Festigious, USA

2018 NOMINEES OF BEST ANIMATION Prisma Independent Film Awards

2018 NOMINEES of BEST ANIMATION Feel The Reel International Film Festival, UK

2018 FINALIST Bengals International, India

2018 FINALIST Animation:Illustration Festival, USA

2013 SEMIFINALIST Adobe Design Achievement, USA

2000 THE THIRD PRIZE, China National Fine Arts, Calligraphy and Photography Competition, CHINA

Official Selection/Screening

2019 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival , USA

2019 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, USA

2019 Carmarthen Bay Film Festival( BAFTA Award Qualifying), UK

2019 Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, Canada


2019 2019 SPE Media Festival , USA

2019 The Poppy Jasper International Film Festival, USA

2019 LA Dance Film Film Festival, USA

2018 COW Design Festival 2018 ILLUSTRATION BIENNALE, Ukraine

2018 Around International Film Festival / Barcelona Official Selections, Spain

2018 Los Angeles Animation Festival, USA

2018 Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival, USA

2018 New Jersey International Film Festival, New Jersey, USA

2018 Festigious Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA

2018 MindField Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2018 New York Film Awards, USA


2018 South Film and Arts Academy Festival, Rancagua

2018 Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival, Canada

2018 Expression Art Movie Film Festival, USA

2018 The Independent Cinema Showcase, Los Angeles, USA

2018 Top Shorts, Los Angeles, USA

2018 The Macoproject Film Festival, New York, USA

2018 Queen Palm International Film Festival, USA

2018 Animation Marathon, USA

2018 Out of Africa International Film Festival, Kenya

2018 Shorts That Are Not Pants, Canada

2018 7th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival-18, India

2018 FEDAXV, Chile

2018 SHORT to the Point, Romania

2018 Nuku'alofa Film Festival, Nuku'alofa

2018 Feel The Reel International Film Festival, UK

2018 New York Short Film Tuesdays,USA

2018 Paris Independent Film Festival, France

2018 Greensboro Dance Film Festival, USA

2018 Directors Circle Festival of Shorts, USA

2018 Life Screenings - One - Minute Film Festival, USA

2013 Adobe First Frame, USA

2013 The International Animation Festival Chilemonos, Chile

2010 19th Jindu Times Young Creative Awards, CHINA


2019 StandardVision Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE Exhibition

2019 Creative Quarterly 55 online gallery

2019 Creative Quarterly 54 online gallery

2018 COW 2018 ILLUSTRATION BIENNALE, 16-30 November, 2018 , Dnipro Central City Library, Ukraine

2018 LA Comic Com

2018 California Institute of the Arts Pop-Up Show in DTLA, USA

2018 World Music Amazing Blitar Los Angeles Concert

2013 USC Rhythms+Visions/Expanded+Live II


2019 3x3 International Illustration Annual No.16

2019 Applied Art Magazine Spring 2019

2019 Hollywood Weekly Magazine (February)- Millennial Artist- Simo Liu

2019 SV SHOWCASE: Three Selected Films from the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival

2019 Hiiibrand CMYK selected top 100 creative works, two Chinese Illustrators won Gold and Silver, Mar 2019

2018 Animation Magazine ‘North of Blue,’ ‘Floreana’ Top LA Animation Fest Winners

2018 Rotoscopers LAAF Announces 2018 Winners, Honors VR Pioneer

2018 Universal Movies

2018 Occhi Magazine



2014 TIME


2014 TBS DVD Cat Chat 

2010 China National Fine Arts ( Century Collector’ Edition) by The publication of Open University of China


2013-2016 Graphic Designer Illumination Entertainment

2013 Animator & Illustrator Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Japan

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